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    Welcome to the MMS PTO page. Our goal is to provide information on this site that helps parents and students stay in touch with activities and opportunities available at MMS and with our PTO. We hope that this will be a valuable tool for all of our families and that it will increase your participation and involvement in your child’s education.


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    Tuesday, October 8, 2019 at 4:00 pm

    Tuesday, January 28, 2020 at 4:00 pm

    Tuesday, April 14, 2020 at 4:00 pm


    Friday, November 1, 2019


    Friday, November 15, 2019 from 5:00 – 7:30 pm


    Monday, December 2, 2019 – Friday, December 6, 2019



  • Running

    Parents! This year’s main fundraiser is the Millhopper Montessori School Fun Run! It’s a two-week program that kicks off with a Pep Rally on March 12, 2019. Families will then gather pledges for every lap your student runs (30-35 laps), and we’ll celebrate at the Fun Run on March 21, 2019. With our big goal of raising $10,000 for preschool and elementary playground equipment and STEM materials, we asked the Fun Run experts at Boosterthon to power our Fun Run and make it easier, more profitable, and more fun.

    Students will also experience an amazing character theme, MINDSPARK MYSTERY LAB! Boosterthon’s most exciting theme yet combines S.T.E.A.M skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) with character-building. While they’re teaming up with the MindSpark Kids to solve mysteries, our students will learn five 21st-century character traits that will help strengthen themselves and our world.

    Donations will go toward preschool and elementary playground equipment and STEM materials and to the entire two-week experience. So please help our school by reaching out to sponsors. Also, all families are invited to come out and cheer on your student at the Fun Run! Thank you for your support!


  • Ralph Breaks the Internet
    This event was held las year on Friday, March 1st, 2019! Check back later for the next Movie on the Lawn event.


  • Book Fair 1

     Setup Thursday, November 29; preview Friday, November 30)

    Take care of all your bookish shopping needs at our Scholastic Fall Book Fair! This year’s theme is “Enchanted Forest”. Students will have the opportunity to create wishlists, so you’ll know just what they want. Looking for your child’s teacher? Don’t forget the Teacher Wish List shelves! During the Book Fair, check the bookshelves outside of Ms. Amilda Clark’s office to see a selection of books chosen by your child’s teacher. Let the cashier know you are buying it for the teacher, and your child can personalize it with a gift sticker.


  • BF2

    In addition to our book fair in the Big Room, we also have an ONLINE Book Fair. Shop online for an even greater selection of titles, or share the link with out-of-town relatives who can’t visit in person. Online orders will be delivered free-of-charge to the school, and all proceeds benefit MMS – just like the in-school fair!



    MMS students will Drop Everything and Read! Our fifth annual D.E.A.R. Day celebrates the work of author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds, whose many books including The Dot and Ish are all about creativity and individuality. Students are invited to wear their pajamas, bring a favorite book and a stuffed animal (if they would like). The first hour, students will enjoy book-related activities in their classrooms, followed by rotations through “Dot-ish” crafts from 10-11. This half-day event will culminate with a group “read-a-thon” pairing the older students with younger ones for reading before lunch.



    The annual Fall Festival is a favorite among our students and our PTO’s biggest fundraiser of the year! It is open to Millhopper Montessori families and alumni families.

    We have many exciting booths and activities for families to enjoy, including a petting zoo, carnival games, a DJ and dance floor and the ever popular dunk tank and bounce house. Tickets are on sale now at our Fall Festival Square Site and will be available for pick up starting October 15th.

    YOU Can Help!
    Volunteer opportunities can be found on our Fall Festival Sign-up Genius page. Volunteers are needed for set-up and during the event on October 18th. Offer your car up for Trunk or Treat, or lend us your pop-up tent, extension cords, or generators.

    Fall Festival Sponsorships can also be found on our Fall Festival Square Site.  You can sponsor anything from volunteers, to drinks, to prizes, or even booths! For every $100 sponsorship you will get a wristband for unlimited games and 10 tickets to use towards food purchases.


  •  *Subject to change

    Time is precious for busy parents working and raising kids. Here’s an overview of all the events and volunteer opportunities that typically occur during the school year to help with your organizing and planning, as well as choosing where to spend your time and money resources. Below is a generalized list of events that typically happen during the year.

    *This is a generalized list meant to give an overview of events throughout the school year. Dates, times, amounts, and events are all subject to change. Keep an eye on the school’s calendar and watch for information sent home by your child’s teacher.


    Orientation Day – The week before school starts, each class will have an orientation time for the kids and parents to come and check out the classroom and meet the teachers.  A lot of critical info regarding classroom procedures is gathered here. If you miss your class’s orientation make sure you get the handouts. This can also make the first day of school easier for your child, as they will gain some familiarity with their classroom.

    Start of School – Typically the third week of August, but check the school calendar for the specific date.  Remember your camera for a first day photo shoot!

    Parent Nights – After school has been in session for a week or so, the West Building (Beginners-Kindergarten) classes have a parent night. These are for parents only and you will need to arrange childcare for the evening. It is a great opportunity to learn about the teaching process and meet other parents.

    Extracurricular Activities – There are lots of after school studios and sports for students to sign up for through the school. These are fun and easy for parents since they take place at the school – no transport in the afternoon necessary! The team sports are played through the Oak Hall sports league, so the games themselves are offsite. They tend to fill up early and have registration deadlines, so check them out early.  Different fees apply and after school hourly cost is accrued during the activity.


    First PTO Meeting – This meeting is a general overview of the PTO and a planning session. If you want to get involved and meet other parents, this is a good place to start.

    Spirit Week – Go Knights! This is a week to show your school spirit by dressing up for the different themed days. Wear lots of blue and white to school on Friday to show your school spirit! At the end of the day week is a pep rally on the big field.

    Parent Nights with Kids – This is an opportunity for you to come with your child to their classroom so that they can show you what they do during the day.

    Picture Day – You will have the opportunity to buy a class picture (typically $12). Packets with the individual pictures are sent home and may be purchased as well.


    Halloween at School – Students are able to dress up on the day of the Fall Festival, while the lower grades also trick or treat throughout the school. Check with each teacher for what their class has scheduled with regard to costumes, treats, a class party, etc.

    Fall Festival – This is a Halloween/Fall Festival. Each class puts together a game or food booth. There is a trunk or treat…so decorate your car trunk and bring out the candy (or a healthier option)! Everyone pitches in and helps at this fun, school-wide event that is a great fundraiser for the PTO and its activities for the rest of the year.


    Thanksgiving Feasts – Parents have an opportunity to sign up to bring food or to volunteer at the event.

    PTO Meeting


    Book Fair – MMS hosts the Scholastic Book Fair, which helps raise money for the media center. Parents volunteer to set up, work the register, and tear down.

    Teacher Appreciation Holiday gifts – Ms. Crystal usually organizes this, but parents can pitch in to arrange holiday gifts for the teachers. Parents are given lists of the school’s teachers and have the option to donate an amount of their choice to that teacher.

    Holiday Performances – On the last day before break, the kids put on a holiday show with the help of their music teacher. They work on it all year and the results are rewarding for students and parents alike. Don’t forget a camera and tissue. The school day ends immediately after your child’s performance time.


    Pay special attention to what day school is back in session. It is commonly a few days after New Years, but not always the Monday. Also, heads up, there are lots of three day weekends in this month!


    Valentine’s Day – Valentines are passed out in class by the children. All of the valentines should be given randomly with no specific names on them. There may be a special lunch or celebration with an opportunity for parents to sign up to bring food.


    Easter Egg Hunt – In the West Building, classes do an Easter egg hunt and usually have a small party as well. Parent volunteers bring in eggs, snacks, and help hide the eggs on the West Playground.

    Picture Day – You will have the opportunity to buy a class picture (typically $12). Packets with the individual pictures are sent home and may be purchased as well.


    Community Involvement Project – This month typically has the March of Dimes, Relay for Life, or other community volunteering opportunities. A different charity is selected by the school each year and the PTO supports the efforts.

    Book Fair – There may be a second, spring book fair.

    ITBS Testing – A week of standardized testing for Kindergarten through Middle School. The Kindergartners usually take their test on a different week than the East Building classes. For planning purposes, make sure that your schedule does not include traveling, doctors appointments, etc. over this week. Getting your children to school on time after a good breakfast and a full night’s sleep is paramount.

    Parent Appreciation Night – Classes in the West Building perform a play or concert to show off their talents for the parents.


    Mother’s Day Tea – Each class in the East Building does a Mother’s Day Tea event. The children prepare food and a talent show for their mothers to enjoy.

    Father’s Field Day – The East Building also hosts a father’s field day in which dads come to participate in relay games and outside sports with their kids. A pizza lunch is provided.

    Safety Patrol Appreciation – This is a week of saying thank you to the fifth graders who work so hard on safety patrol throughout the year. The PTO typically does a pancake breakfast, ice cream social, and the patrol has a day off to go to a water park. At the end of the week, each patroller receives an appreciation gift bag that includes sweets and mementos from parents and teachers.

    Teacher Appreciation – This is a week of saying thank you to the teachers for all of their hard work and contributions to the development of our children. In the past we have decorated the teacher’s lounges, brought them breakfasts and lunches, decorated doors with artwork and cards, crafted books of thank you notes, hired massage therapists, etc. Ms. Crystal also organizes the Teacher Appreciation donation.

    Sign Up for Summer Camp – In May the brochure detailing the MMS summer camps is released. Some of these camps fill up quickly, so don’t delay in signing up your child!

    Yearbooks – With a cover designed by our Middle School students, the yearbook is filled with memories from the school year. During the last days of the school year, students and teachers are encouraged to sign each other’s yearbooks.

    Graduation – Kindergarten and 8th Grade graduation ceremonies are scheduled in the last weeks of school.

    PTO Meeting


    End of Year Field Trips – The East Building classes take end of year field trips to Westside Pool, Blue Springs, etc. Drivers and chaperones are always needed.

    End of Year Show – The End of Year Show is a theater masterpiece that 1st-8th graders work on for the entire semester. The show is performed at the PK Yonge Auditorium or another local theater. There are ample volunteer opportunities for costumes, sets, makeup, driving etc. Also, there is a cast party after the show that is organized by the PTO.

    Last Day of School – See you next year!


    Special Notes

    On your child’s birthday there may be an opportunity to come into the classroom and have a small birthday celebration with your child. Each teacher has their own preferred routine, so please check with them.