Summary of (DLP) March 20, 2020


    March 20, 2020
    Dear Parents,
    We hope this update continues to find you and your family well.  As of now, there have not been any additional changes to the protocols we sent out on Wednesday.  We will continue to provide you with the most current information as it becomes available to us and appreciate your patience as guidelines and mandates are changing often. Today's update will focus primarily on our plan for distance learning when Spring Break concludes. 
    The MMS staff have been working incredibly hard this week turning our school into a distance learning center until we have permission to bring the students back. Teachers have been collaborating amongst and between divisions, sharing resources and ideas, and learning new skills ourselves, as we strive to continue delivering quality instruction to our students, regardless of distance. We are all very dedicated to making online learning a successful endeavor - we have reached many different formats, such as the Google Classroom Suite and Zoom to simulate classroom contact and encourage "face time" with our students, as well as provide a format to provide both live and recorded lessons from teachers, and lots of personalized one on one outreach. 
    Please read the letter from your child's classroom teacher (see links below) to familiarize yourself with the modes of communication and methods for instruction that will be utilized at each level.
    Regarding the monthly tuition for April and May, since we will be providing online instruction starting after spring break, tuition will continue to be charged.  We will meet our obligation to continue providing instruction, even though it is in a different format. Your child will receive both synchronous (live, group, real time) and asynchronous (recorded, individual, flexible timing) lessons, assignments, and enrichments via distance learning until we are able to return to campus. We don't foresee needing to extend the school year with this plan in place.
    Regrettably, some of our upcoming events are cancelled. We will not be able to reschedule Arts Day or Field Day and we must also cancel the Student Showcase that was scheduled for April 2nd. As mandated by the FDOE, all K-12 standardized testing for the Spring, as well as EOC exams for middle school are also cancelled for the 2019-2020 school year.
    Currently, the 5th grade trip to Camp Crystal, the Safety Patrol trip to Washington D.C., and the Middle School end of year trip are still on the calendar. We will also move forward with the events planned at the end of the year that don't require travel, such as our Mother's Day Teas, our Kindergarten and Eighth Grade Graduation ceremonies, and our End of the Year Show. We will be completing our End of the Year Show rehearsals through Zoom, virtually, beginning March 30th. Information on that schedule will be sent out with classroom schedules at the end of next week. If additional cancellations are required, we will let you know as soon as the decision has been made.
    Next Friday, March 27, we will send out classroom schedules for engaging in distance learning with our faculty beginning on Monday, March 30th

    Teachers will publish their curriculum and assignments for each week between Sunday evening and Monday morning. They will be available at designated times for lessons, support, and check-ins, according to the schedule that will be provided.
    We know that this is a big change for our students, teachers, and families, but we are committed to providing quality instruction and support for everyone. We will learn and adjust together, as needed. Thank you for your continued support of our mission and for being part of our MMS family.
    Christina Miller
    Owner/Head of School