• Employment Application

    Please download and complete our Employment Application and send to Ms. Amilda Clark at mmschool@millhopper.com or mail to Millhopper Montessori School, c/o Amilda Clark, 8505 NW 39th Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32606.

    Open Positions are as follows.

  • Lead Teacher Beginner’s Class

    Ages Two through Four Years

    Millhopper Montessori School, an AMS-affiliated and FCIS-accredited school serving ages 2 through 8th grade in Gainesville, Florida, is seeking a dynamic, warm, and experienced Montessori certified teacher to lead our Beginner’s classroom of children 2-4 years old. A demonstrated love and understanding of the young child, as well as the desire to work in a collaborative, close-knit community atmosphere is a must.

    The lead teacher is responsible for designing and implementing daily curriculum and schedules that meet the developmental needs of each child while working with two assistant teachers to provide a stable, gentle, and safe Montessori environment. The lead teacher will present lessons in the Montessori materials and will oversee appropriate socialization and interaction, applying observational skills and teaching strategies that support and facilitate the unique growth of each individual child. The lead teacher must communicate regularly with parents, administration, and staff regarding student progress and concerns, and daily, monthly, and yearly activities.

    Work Hours:           

    8:30 am – 3:30 pm, school days to be decided by the yearly school calendar, also attending two Parent Nights a year, report card conferences, a parent orientation, and any other events announced by administration over the course of the school year.


    • BA or BS, four-year degree or higher
    • Early Childhood Montessori Certification
    • Compliance with courses or Staff Credential necessary as defined by the Florida Department of Children and Families
    • Physical ability to work on the floor, sit, pick up a young child if needed
    • CPR and First Aid Certification


    • Embody the Montessori philosophy and model it for the child through one’s own actions, demonstrating a gentle body, kind voice, and gentle hands during the day, treating all students and community members with dignity and respect
    • Create clear expectations for students during different times of the day including playground, work cycle, and specialty teachers’ group times, and enforce rules and expectations consistently
    • Maintain a clean, organized, and functional classroom environment, changing lessons and work regularly to meet the needs of the children
    • Plan monthly unit studies, as well as classroom activities in art, music, movement, and cultural areas
    • Give group and individual lessons during work cycle, following the sequence & scope as appropriate for each child
    • Encourage age-appropriate independence, self-direction, and self-reliance in the students
    • Keep open lines of communication between class and home, with the front office, and with other teachers regularly and in a timely manner
    • Conduct ongoing observations and assessments and communicate student progress and concerns with parents and administration as needed; maintain accurate student records and reports, as well as complete report card forms and arrange conference times twice a year to discuss report cards with parents
    • Be a positive face of the school in interaction with all parents, co-workers, and community members
    • Educate parents about the Montessori curriculum and philosophy
    • Embrace and encourage the development of the Whole Child by monitoring, observing, directing, and documenting the social, educational, & physical development of all students
    • Conduct oneself professionally at all times through one’s dress, punctuality, speech, and actions
    • Continually seek to improve and grow professionally through the pursuit of professional development and continuing education regarding current best practices
    • Other duties as assigned by the Head of School

    Assistant Teacher:

    • Interview applicants for assistant teacher positions
    • Inform assistant teachers of expectations and duties within the classroom
    • Document if an assistant teacher is not meeting expectations
    • Meet with assistant teachers regarding noncompliance if necessary
    • In case of your absence, provide daily lessons for assistant teachers
    • Instruct assistant teachers on toileting, lunch, and naptime protocols


    • Treat each student with dignity and respect
    • Ensure the classroom is clean and arranged appropriately each morning
    • Inform assistants of any daily schedule changes
    • Give lessons, group and individual, during work cycle
    • Plan classroom art activities
    • Plan classroom music, rhythm instrument, and movement activities
    • Plan monthly unit studies
    • Arrange Montessori lessons monthly as new work is added
    • Demonstrate a gentle body, kind voice and gentle hands during the day
    • Enforce rules and expectations as explained to the students and parents
    • Encourage self-direction and self-reliance in the students
    • Be comfortable removing a child from a dangerous situation, including physically if necessary
    • Be comfortable removing a child from a parent if necessary
    • Write accident or discipline reports as necessary, providing copies to front office and parents.
    • Meet with parents within the first few weeks of school if a student is having difficulty adjusting to the classroom environment
    • Counsel out students, if needed, providing documentation as necessary
    • Be encouraging and positive to assistant teachers and other co-workers
    • Be a positive face of the school in interaction with all parents, even if they are not members of your classroom
    • Follow through and places students in time out if needed
    • Create clear expectations for students during different times of the day including playground, work cycle, and specialty teachers’ group times
    • Maintain necessary records for students, including those required by DCF
    • Monitor social, educational, physical development of all students
    • Send home naptime items and folders on the last day of each week
    • Include holiday celebrations for multicultural families in the curriculum
    • Dress professionally and behave in a professional manner
    • Support the efforts of the PTO and attend at least one of 4 scheduled evening meetings
  • Equal Opportunity Employer

    Millhopper Montessori School, LLC is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination. There is no discrimination in employment regarding race, creed, political affiliation, marital, sexual orientation, gender, or number of dependents. A staff that is representative of both men and women and of varied religious, racial, and cultural backgrounds is encouraged for the good of the students, their parents, and the community, as well as the faculty itself.