Summer Camp 2020 in Gainesville, FL

  • June 15 - July 17

    Weekly Themed Camps

    Ages 4 through 8th Grade

    Summer programs are a solid tradition around the world; from Barcelona to Beijing to Baltimore, children of all ages gather together to spend their school vacation participating in fun, educational summer activities. In the field of child psychology, it is generally accepted that summer experiences have great benefits to kids’ social skills and their psychological and physical health.

    But what about educational day summer camp in Gainesville, FL? They might seem a little less cool than spending a summer learning how to surf or playing capture-the-flag, but they’re crucial to students’ success in high school, college, career, and beyond. Here are the top benefits of academic summer camp programs!

    Developing Self-Reliance and Independence

    Just like traditional outdoor summer camps, students can develop a stronger sense of independence and self-reliance while at an academic program.  They meet new friends from different backgrounds, strengthening their social skills. This all helps students prepare for university, where their newfound sense of freedom and independence can sometimes be jarring.

    Exploration of New Topics and Fields of Study 

    Attending academic summer camp allows students to explore brand new subjects that they might not have even heard of before. Students learn more about their own talents and interests and become more comfortable with aligning them with their academic study choice. This is a great skill to have before choosing a university major later in life.

    We thank you for the trust you have placed in Millhopper Montessori School. We are working to make your child's summer camp experience safe, engaging, challenging, and joyful. This has been a difficult time for families around the world and we are moving through it together.

    Download the Summer Camp Brochure with camp descriptions, details on safety precautions, and registration forms. Please complete and return the forms within the brochure to Director of Admissions, Ms. Amilda Clark at

    Camps are limited to 8-9 spots per camp so be sure to sign up quickly!

    Please call us at (352) 375-6773 to check if there is space available in the camps for which you wish to register.