Middle School Engineering Fair Results

It is with great pride and honor that we announce the participation of the Millhopper Montessori Middle School students in the 2018 Engineering Fair. Our seventh and eighth grade students worked hard creating projects that utilize the design process and further their understanding of problem solving techniques, product research, design methods, the importance of redesign, and reporting.

On Tuesday, December 11th the students presented their projects to our very knowledgeable volunteer judges, as well as the first through sixth grade students.

Thank you to our following Engineering Fair Judges:

Cheryll Adams

Lars Beattie

George Demopoulos

Sarah Fayad

Katherine Grasso

Erin Jaszczak

Wyatt Kelch

Tanmay Lele

Ana Mohseni

Mike Rodgers

Stuart Strickland

Bradley Walters

Rita Weiss


Thank you to the parents and staff for all their assistance in making the 2018 MMS Middle School Engineering Fair such a successful event. 



1st Place:  Stasi W.: PilBo – Affecting Medication Adherence

2nd Place:  Penny D.: Hoverpack

3rd Place: Michael H.: The Art Glove – Can Art Help Depression



1st Place:  Avery G.: The Sick Sleeve – Reducing the Spread of Illness in Schools

2nd Place:  Avery R.: Cool and Clip

3rd Place:  Eliah G.: VelGrow

3rd Place:  Stasi W.: PilBo – Affecting Medication Adherence


JUDGES’ CHOICE AWARD                            

1st Place:  Avery G.: The Sick Sleeve – Reducing the Spread of Illness in Schools

2nd Place: Stian B.: The Clean NRG Nightlight

3rd Place:  Ella H.: EraserBugs

3rd Place:  Leah K.: Water Filtration System